Summit by CrEIRe: creativity | experience | intelligence | returns

In 2003, acknowledging the changing nature of the workspace, fCh set to build CREIRE [kre·ee·re], a novel type of knowledge services entity, whereby ad-hoc teams of experts aggregate on-demand or acompany© Since, the work of several CREIRE teams has made satisfied customers in several industries, ranging from enterprise software to consumer products and services.

CREIRE's solutions become the summit of creativity, experience, intelligence and returns. Yes, creativity is one of the tokens we are known for, it is what also sets us apart by ensuring great returns while we all, customers and CREIRE teams alike, have fun.

fCh, a Boston based artisan of the management craft, has dedicated his +25-year career to emerging technologies and business models. His analyses and recommendations hinge on a well developed body of knowledge of several industries, policy, economic principles, business strategy, and human nature.

fCh is serving as Factotum in Chief at CREIRE. His professional career includes senior product leadership and market development roles with Novell and UTN--a premier Minnesota incubator for internet companies. In the late nineties, when in charge with the go-to-market strategy for an internet operating system, he built an entire eco-system around network centered technology offerings--communications, security, software and hardware OEM's, applications and hosting. As entrepreneur, fCh serves as adviser to two Central-European companies. He holds a MS/BS in EE&CS (UPB) as well as a Master's in Business of Technology (Georgetown University). more...


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