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Greek word τέχνη, literally: craftsmanship, is the rational method involved in producing an object or accomplishing a goal or objective--in other words, how to make an egg stand on end

CREIRE is a management consultancy crafting customized solutions to customers of various sizes and sectors. Technology companies, or companies poised to turn technology into a strategic differentiator, tend to keep CREIRE consultants the busiest. Summit by CrEIRe takes place in the marketing continuum, optimally situated between strategy and implementation.


  • Turning concepts into opportunities and then into businesses;

  • Business re-alignment;

  • Capitalizing on the potential at the intersection of customer needs, intra-organizational capabilities and extra-organizational developments


By evaluating and improving on:

  • Ideas--arriving at concepts via testing, and arriving at returns via implementation;

  • Corporate structure--e.g. does the current structure enable learning? Or, if I need a product management function where should it be and why, under sales and marketing or product?

  • Incentive system--what fuels the world round you, from individual contributors in sales and product to executives, and on to customers

  • Communications--the system of internal and external conversations

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