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Summit by CrEIRe: A concept that says, given a pool of possible solutions providers, there are criteria that separate CREIRE solutions that satisfy the customer (“fit”) from solutions that would not satisfy

When evaluating the CREIRE opportunity, consider the flexibility you have in choosing a knowledge service provider, an implementer, or a combination thereof. Thus CREIRE becomes the foremost guarantor of the soundness of its advice by also being ready to implement it. In addition, when you Summit by CrEIRe:

  • You will only work with CREIRE principals;

  • CREIRE will neither reference you, nor sell you derivative work;

  • You will be part of the solution.

How they all begin, in their own words

"Since the introduction of the 'do-not call list,' I have to increase the ROI on Google adwords..."

"My product cycle lasts for 4.5 years, in the first 4 years I develop the product, and then I explicitly sell it for the remainder of the time..."

"We are spending too much on advertising, yet this might be the cost of creating a market. Can we inject any rationality in this process?"

"Deploying 3G infrastructures and services is costing us a lot, what are the lessons we could learn from enterprise software to tap into the corporate market?"

"We are a top Central European total communications specialist and need to provide a welcoming experience to expanding western companies."

"Placing bodies on-site with large companies doesn't seem to be a sustainable business model, lest scalable, what next?"

"We have sold our solution for years into various US departments, what is the road to commercial markets?"

"Our technology is approaching the end of its lifecycle, even our loyal installed base is being eroded, what next?"

"Turning around a 3000-employee organization while creating a new brand in the hospitality and gaming industry takes us marketing resources beyond the possibilities in our reach or sight. We need to build a marketing organization while implementing top-notch marketing initiatives."

"iPhone and Google are shaking the status-qvo in the mobile phone market. What's in the new mobile world order for me?"

When to Summit by CrEIRe?

  • When branding is at most an expense item, albeit recurring;

  • When management puts off fires, most times, rather than pursuing long term objectives;

  • When you know where you need to be, but lack internal resources;

  • When today's problems give you a distinct sense of déjà vu;

  • When it's difficult to capture the nature of the problem, lest communicate about it to others;

  • When the solution cuts across several functional areas;

  • When skill and not scale is what you are looking for;

  • When others failed.

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