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Summit by CrEIRe: a virtuous cycle whose 3-stage process--hypothesis testing concept--yields the best fit between the strategy and its corresponding implementation

Executive & Business Advisory

The habitual selection channels for most executives, education- and career-wise, shape individuals who are best suited at calculated and/or incremental improvements, usually in a vertical segment of the problem-solution-opportunity universe. Most time, organizations need neither more, nor less. Yet elevating one's personal or organizational environment to the next quantum level, as it were, requires the type of approach CREIRE excels at.

Customer needs and technology evolve, and so do business models and markets. It is one thing to embrace the latest trend in any of these trajectories, it is a whole different one to be in a position to make an informed decision, away from the daily surrounding noise. Moreover, experienced professionals know how most management issues can be, and have been, argued about in opposite ways. CREIRE, in concert with you, helps you determine which strategy and course of action best apply, so that you allocate resources--time, people, money, options--towards meaningful goals and returns.

Product/Service Lifecycle Management

Optimizing your offering (product and/or service), along all stages of its lifecycle, building up a support function and aligning it within your organization, exploring product-services complementarity, are some of the areas where our expertise made a difference for our customers. The latest addition to CREIRE's toolset is an extensive entrepreneurial approach towards opportunities whereby risk and uncertainty are properly determined in conjunction with the client's situation and corresponding action is indicated.

Strategic Development

Go-to-market strategies, business development and sales mark the continuum between concept and account receivables. At the end of the day, somewhere along this continuum lays the measure of any business' success. One of the challenges we help businesses surmount is in achieving the optimal alignment between the position of an offering along its lifecycle and the sales function. Sales force training, channel-analysis, -development and -optimization, pricing and positioning, make-buy-partner analysis and recommendations, product portfolio analysis have been some of our projects. Taking new products and services to the market, or expanding existing markets, has been a favorite with customers wanting CREIRE to also be an implementer.

Coaching and Staffing

Whether you are a time constrained executive looking for ideas or simply need to add to your staff, we can help either directly with seminars or through our extended network of professionals.

Ideas rooted in distant fields, (e.g. music, econometrics) or closer to your own business, (e.g. competitors, regulations) fuel one's creativity. CREIRE can show how they all come together to the point we, you and CREIRE, become creative in what we do. Let us discover the creative potential that not even your fiercest competitor knows about, that will indeed surprise and delight your customer.

People have yet to become the most important asset in many businesses, yet that's the only way towards sustainable success. In the post-industrial economy, the winners lead by a wide margin precisely due to how they leverage people, and this is more than embracing best practices. It is about whom we hire and how the work relationships are structured. And it all begins with how we hire. The secret of a good hire is in finding effort multipliers for key positions in your company. These are individuals we help you select and interview, who will scale up your business and extend its reach.

Be your company small or large, we work with you or on your behalf to bring the best in people.

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