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Coming of age in a time and place of pervasive constraints, I had to rely on creativity to achieve even mundane goals. So, in a sense, environments whose options appear to be limited fuel my creativity. Most anyone can get a great bottle of wine at a restaurant for $500, the question is how to get one for a tenth of that. My creativity has also been informed by my tending to æsthetic(s). For example, music making contains many a metaphor for leadership--click here for more. Creativity differentiates my work from the others' by getting things done despite circumstances.

By whatever chance, I am also the type of person interested in the many facets round a problem. Such an approach takes longer to build into experience, yet once it's achieved one gets faster to the solution. This multi-faceted experience differentiates my work by lowering the investment in the solution. In mid-2006, for a client in the private sector, my solution accounted also for the possibility of a Democratic takeover of the US Congress and the ensuing fate of net neutrality.

When dealing with alternatives, especially those generated creatively, one is well served by an above the average IQ and several quantitative tools to make most sense out of the universe of solutions. Acknowledging this, I make sure intelligence supports and drives my activity towards optimal solutions. Scientific analysis and validated research enhance my creativity by reducing risk and maximizing the potential within organizations. As an example, it was a year before we had wi-fi enabled phones on the market that I saw them coming.

By now, you may be able to see the symbiotic relationship between fCh and CREIRE. It is creative solutions, moderated by experience and implemented with intelligence, that make outstanding returns on Summit by CreIRe.

Last but not least, living in a time when the societal operating assumptions about the economic system are being contradicted by the Crisis, I find that explicit reliance upon moral compass is a surer way to growth than alternatives.

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