Summit by CrEIRe: Make SaaS Work

Software as a service (SaaS) is a compelling part of any business strategy for the following reasons:

    • Increasing technology capabilities;

    • The emergence of better business models both for providers and customers of SaaS;

    • The commoditization of business processes by building SaaS round best business practices.

Provider-side Challenges:

    • Building the service;

    • Building the infrastructure;

    • Capitalizing;

    • Selling (licensing, marketing, SLA);

    • SLA;

    • Ensuring interoperability with customer data&processes;

    • Support;

    • Scaling.

Customer-side Challenges:

    • Conceptualizing obstacles to adoption and communicating them back to the provider;

    • Re-desiging internal processes to work with SaaS;

    • Understanding and negotiating trade-offs (budgeting, trust, SLA, etc.).

Summit by CrEIRe to make SaaS work for you!

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